Team coaches

Coaches play a very important role in the life of Team Academy by supporting young entrepreneur teams. Coaches providing ongoing support for teams are trained and qualified professionals employed by Budapest Business School.

The role of coaches

The role of the coach is to assist supported individuals in identifying and developing their full potential and realizing the maximum of their capabilities. In the case of team coaching, the coach’s role is to facilitate effective cooperation and outstanding performance as well as to help students overcome inevitable failures and then aid them in restarting their projects. All this is done in a relaxed atmosphere and with high efficiency. The coaching process spans over the following activities: the identification of business ideas, supporting product/service development and, finally, market introduction of the product/service. During this period of time the coach encourages continuous reflection thereby helping team members to make well-prepared and responsible decisions.

Coaches of Team Academy Budapest

Ágnes Mosolygó-Kiss

Száva Zsigmond

“I joined Team Academy in autumn 2014. Earlier I worked as a manager in the NGO sector taking part in setting up companies engaged in sustainability. I have many years of experience in business development. As for me, the greatest success is to provide appropriate inspiration for young people to take responsibility, to become creative and to dare to experiment. My greatest achievement is supporting these students in their individual and team learning processes according to the my best knowledge.”

“I have been a member of the coach team since the launch of Team Academy Budapest in 2012. I support my students relying on my previous experience in the field of marketing, sport, voluntary work and NGOs. Suited to my fields of interests and research areas, I support students by introducing them to the various methods of (management) development and the diverse related elements and tools involved in such development.”