As a novelty introduced in the 2018/19 academic year, the business ventures established by students attending Team Academy Budapest will be supported by mentors in addition to team coaches.


Our mentors are experienced experts in entrepreneurship, who are not necessarily experts of the idea behind the given business venture but are capable of effectively supporting the teams of undergraduates in implementing their ideas. The students of the specialisation programme form teams and receive a supportive expert who will help them develop their ideas from the very start of the programme.


Richárd Hampuk

Hampuk Richárd Person Group

In the scope of his first business venture, Richárd Hampuk was engaged in letting lighting equipment for events in the Hungarian town of Kaposvár and its surrounding area. At that time, he was too young to have a driving licence and this situation made him realise what it is like if the “manager” has his or her own driver. In 2007, he set up his communication agency called PERSON and today they play a key role on the Hungarian market. PERSON is the supplier of companies like Coca-Cola, Telekom, Budapest Airport, MOL, Generali, HB Reavis – just to name a few.

Richárd was the prize-winner of “Young Manager of the Year” in 2016 and he also got on the Forbes 30/30 list of the brightest young entrepreneurs. In 2017, he was elected to become a member of the community of Nordic Bridge. He is a committed, development-focused leader, who sees the key to business success in teamwork, and he considers himself a confirmed capitalist.

He makes intense efforts to develop himself. He worked as a volunteer in Barack Obama’s 2012 electoral campaign, and in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 electoral campaign, where he gained a wealth of experience in communication, motivation and campaign management.

Acting as founder CEO of PERSON Group Richárd Hampuk is currently building a company which features those attributes that, in his interpretation, would ideally characterise the country where he would like to grow old.

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István Almási

István Almási graduated from the Budapest University of Technology as a machinery designer. While still being an undergraduate, he accepted the invitation of one of his teachers and participated in setting up a business in 1982. For ten years, his job involved screening and organising companies in the scope of different projects. For years, he was the organiser and leader of SPIN-OFF Entrepreneurship Club within the framework of Corvinus University Budapest’s Centre for Development of Small Enterprises. The Club supported young entrepreneurs in extending their business relations, in learning about the experiences of successful business people and in contacting potential investors.

Since September 2018, he has been the organiser and leader of Budapest LAB StartLAB Entrepreneurship Club. Currently he works as an advisor, trainer and mentor in entrepreneurship programmes.

In his own businesses, he has been engaged in publishing newspapers, operating a graphic design studio, manufacturing equipment used in the field of psychology, trading in clothes and offering training to support the operation of business ventures.

Tibor Balázs

Balázs Tibor kicsi

At the time of the Hungarian political changes of the late 1980s, Tibor Balázs participated in setting up one of the first Hungarian-English joint venture companies as a fresh engineer graduate. The aim of the company was to share and popularise the methodology of change management. Since then he has been working in various positions and roles to promote successful changes. He has had an advisory business, worked as the Hungarian representative for an international business development company, worked in the top management of state-owned and multinational companies and also as a project leader of a national development programme.

In recent years he has been the Executive Director of SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development, and since April 2018 he has been working for SEED as a methodological expert. In his role, he has supported hundreds of people in setting up businesses and also aided the development and implementation of business plans of already operating businesses.

His favourite methodological approaches include the Business Model Canvas method and value assessment planning, which he has used for developing entrepreneurs since the development and appearance of this internationally acclaimed method. He is experienced in setting up and developing IT systems but, along with taking advantage of the advances of virtual technologies, he employs hand drawing based visual and moderation techniques as well as graphic note taking.

Apart from holding degrees in electrical engineering, education and economy, he is also a winemaker and an agricultural small producer. In addition to his theoretical interests, these activities yield practical and tangible results and also embody the importance of everyday work necessary for the production of such items.

István Sűdy

Südy István

István Sűdy comes from the world of startups. He is one of the creators of Laborom, an application for storing and analysing health-related data. He has also gained experience abroad and spent longer periods in Japan and Thailand.

Currently, he is an “internal entrepreneur” at NN Insurance Company, where he promotes innovation within the company. Ha also manages Sparklab Incubator, which aims to search for and mentor startups that later may become potential NN partners.

As a mentor, he participates at many events including Pioneers Festival and WebSummit, and he is also the mentor of the World Bank’s Investment Readiness Program and the Social Innovation Tournament Program of the European Investment Bank.


C. Szabó Helga

Helga C. Szabó graduated from the University of Pannonia and was awarded with a degree in economics During her studies she was the President of the Students’ Union at the Faculty of Business and Economics. After graduation, she worked abroad for several years in Austria and Ireland. When she returned home, she became the business development manager of Hungarian Telekom: in this position she was responsible for non-core product development and, in the scope of such activities, she was the business project manager of the development of mobile parking solutions.

After giving birth to her twins, she completed a business coach training programme and became acquainted with SEED Foundation, where, jointly with Rita Potápi, she established and managed the Virtual Incubation Programme, which tracked and supported the business activities of women entrepreneurs for years.

Currently she is participating in the preparation of the mentor programme of SEED Foundation, and later she will also be engaged in mentor supervision at SEED. Besides these activities, she offers corporate training sessions in the field of planning, time management and soft skills development.

In recent years she has developed an interest in interior design and spends a significant amount of her time renewing property and doing property development. Her company engaged in property development buys flats, which are then redecorated and renewed, and are finally sold furnished.

Continuous learning and self-development are important to her besides her work and her engagement of brining up three young children. Her next plan is to complete a webdesign course.

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