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At Team Academy, you can experience what it is like to create, operate, manage and develop a joint venture in a team.


Would you like to try and test yourself as an entrepreneur without having to solve all related problems by yourself?

In the inspiring environment of Team Academy, undergraduates work on the implementation of their own ideas while focusing on meeting and responding to real demands dictated by the market. On the one hand, such activity means taking responsibility but, on the other hand, this entails more freedom and provides students with additional opportunities to gain experience.

Do you wish to study what you will really need after graduation? And do you want to study all this in a useful and practical way to make the most of your courses in order to promote your career?

At Team Academy, young entrepreneurs acquire theoretical knowledge by facing emerging challenges and by managing difficult situations. Our unconventional training and educational methods facilitate experiential learning. Students will acquire superior skills in the areas of presentation, negotiation and reasoning, customer service and cooperation.

Would you like to develop yourself in an inspiring environment offering real support?

The business activities of ventures established at Team Academy are supported by open-minded and experienced coaches exhibiting broad perspectives. Budapest Business School contributes to the successful development of these ventures through the following means: by providing a supportive environment; by making its smart campus based infrastructure and facilities available to its students for the purpose of motivating their creativity; and by involving former Team Academy graduates, business partners and mentors in the learning process.

Are you ready to try yourself in the international arena?

Team Academy is member of an international network and therefore it helps students with networking in cross-border projects and with participating in different programmes. As a result, Team Academy also facilitates the development of students’ language skills.